ADG Solutions

A Fimic APR 500 continuous, self-cleaning screen changer, with new control programming, and a 6” Davis-Standard ram stuffer, are on display in the ADG Solutions booth (#W6754) at NPE 2015, being held March 23 – 27, in Orlando, FL. Also featured are separation and washing systems from Tecnofer, shredders from Weima America and densification systems from Promeco SpA. ADGS is announcing the first installation of a Promeco system in North America.

“We are presenting NPE visitors with new and innovative approaches to reclaiming plastics scrap,” says Sandy Guthrie, Founder and President of ADGS. “It doesn’t matter if it is postindustrial, post-commercial or post-consumer, plastic waste is valuable and it becomes more valuable when you process it correctly. ‘Solutions’ is a part of our company name because that’s what we deliver, whether we supply a single piece of equipment or engineer and install an entire plant.”


The Fimic model APR 500 continuous, self-cleaning screen changers, with new control programming, are ideal for contaminated reclaim extrusion streams. In operation, the meltfiltration unit is positioned at the extruder outlet so that it retains contaminates as small as 150 microns (about the size of fine beach sand). As contaminati on builds up on the upstream side of the screen, inlet pressure increases to set point (set on the pressure control), triggering a scraper that removes contamination from the face of the screen filter.

Most self-cleaning screen changers channel some polymer melt to purge the contaminants from the screen through a discharge valve. Over time, this approach can waste significant amounts of valuable resin. The new Fimic units, however, store the contaminants from up to 6 scrapings (which may take place as frequently as once per hour in applications involving dirty reclaim plastics) and discharge all the accumulated contamination at once. This system can cut the amount of resin wasted in the cleaning process by half or even two-thirds. Less waste translates to more saleable material and higher returns on investment.

Other important innovations include new laser-cut screen plates that ensure extremely long life. With a large open area, back pressure is minimized, even at such fine filtration levels. A continuous-scraping mode is available to prevent pressure instability by immediately removing contaminants that can quickly blind the screen. The Fimic line of self-cleaning filters delivers the lowest cost of operation in the industry and is extremely rugged and durable.


Ram stuffers, similar to the Davis-Standard unit display in the ADGS booth, can be added to an extruder to handle a wide variety of plastic feedstock sizes and types. The super-size feed throat maximizes in-feed for consistently high extruder output even when processing low-bulk-density scrap material including fractional-gauge films. Feedstock size and shape have almost no effect on the thoughput rate of the extruder.

Besides the ram-stuffer units, ADGS offers a range of extrusion solutions, including DavisStandard wide-mouth extruders and cascade systems. All have integrated system controls. Lines can handle up to 12,000 lb/hr.

From scrap to pellet, ADG Solutions helps companies process hard-to-recycle plastic waste from industrial, commercial and post-consumer sources. With over 35 years of reclaim experience, the company engineers custom systems including washing, size-reduction, densifying, extrusion, filtration, pelletizing and material- handling equipment.