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Break Filtration Systems

Automatic, efficient and high productivity filtration equipment


Break Machinery offers a range of automatic and efficient filtration equipment.

One is a recycling machine engineered to remove contaminants from any kind of plastic waste. ONE’s self-cleaning filtering system allows it to operate in a scraping mode, which cleans the screen surface and expels impurities at regular intervals chosen by the operator. ONE is also equipped with customizable 60 to 2000 µm filters that can be changed depending on the type of plastic and the degree of contamination.

As a result, ONE is able to filter metal, paper, cardboard, wood, glass, rubber, and other contaminants from different kinds of plastic, including:

  • Post-consumer waste, collected from public and private entities (LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS),
  • Post-industrial waste, composed of defective products, leftovers, and trimmings generated during production,
  • Special materials, such as bioplastics, textiles, or plastics from the automotive sector.



They recently introduced the DUO self-cleaning double filter systems that boasts high productivity with the ability to produce high-quality melt from contaminated sources. This new innovative design is suitable for fine or course filtration and can filter heavy levels of contaminants with a new double screen design.

The DUO offers a constant pressure operation to maximize the line productivity with minimal waste for even the highest contaminated materials. The double filter system achieves maximum productivity while guaranteeing high product quality. The new geometry of the scraper disc and the innovative discharge system allows contamination to be removed in a rapid and controlled manner. The innovative shape of the six-blade rotating scraper disc offers excellent cleaning, even at low rotational speeds, while also preventing filtered contaminants from returning into the melt.


The unit is simple to operate and simple to clean. Both routine and extraordinary maintenance operations are also are easy as no disassembly is required. This innovative design reduces cleaning and replacement times for both the filter and blades and significantly reduces the operator time.