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Baracco Pelletizing Systems

Underwater and water ring designs with advanced die technology

Baracco, LLC offers robust pelletizing systems that include both underwater and water ring designs with advanced die technology. With over 30 years of experience, Baracco pelletizers are designed to create the best solutions for the economic and ecological needs of their customers. 

Baracco pelletizing systems are suitable for the production of raw materials, as well as for the production of compounds, blends, masterbatch and recyclates and offers the largest range of material of any water ring pelletizer. The pelletizing system easily interfaces with the customer’s extruder or gear pump.  While the company is headquartered in Italy, the complete assembly is done in North America, boasting short lead times for quick delivery.

Many models to choose from

The Baracco underwater pelletizing system comes in five models, from the BPU2, which has a capacity of up to 220 pounds per hour, to the BPU60, which has a throughput ranging from 7,700 pounds to 13,227 pounds per hour.

The underwater pelletizers can process a wide range of materials, compounds, blends, masterbatches and recyclates. 

The pelletizers feature automatic start and shutdown, redundant safety locks, a high-efficiency closed-circuit filtered water system and the ability to produce pellets of varying sizes, depending on customers’ needs. 

A unique feature is that the pelletizer swivels on its stand to provide better access. 

Baracco’s vertical spin dryer is designed to provide quick drying. It comes in four models, from the SP5, with a per-hour drying capacity of 992 pounds to 1,102 pounds, to the SP30, which has a per-hour capacity of 7,716 pounds to 13,227 pounds. 

Conveyor blades are arranged to reduce the force of the material colliding on the dryer walls, which reduces wear. 

The dryer features an internal basket with removable sectors for separating water from the product being dried. An electric fan extracts humidity. 

There is no soundproofing needed because the dryer is constructed from AISI 304 stainless steel sheet.   

Baracco’s water-ring pelletizing units are designed to allow quick removal of the blades and die, quick color changes, easy cleaning, and easy commissioning and operation.

Cleaning doors have hinges to facilitate maintenance and cleaning during product changeovers.

The third new product is a liquid ring watering pelletizing system. It is available in four sizes, starting with a 220 pounds per hour output for the BPW50 to the 2,205 pounds per hour to 6,614 pounds per hour for the BPW300.