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Davis-Standard Reprocessing Extruders

Compounding and Reprocessing Systems

Only available in North America through ADG Solutions – Reclaim and recycling systems since 1976


Davis-Standard / Merritt RAM Stuffer Extruders

Densifies and packs a wide variation in light bulk density feed stocks of all sizes and types into the feed section for the industry’s highest recycling plastics output.

Davis-Standard / Merritt Wide Mouth for Regrind Reclaim

Best feed system for highest outputs when reprocessing granulated chip, flake, and other irregular medium bulk density materials.

Davis-Standard / Merritt Cascade Reclaim System

The best choice for recycling highly contaminated feed stocks that benefit from multi-stage filtration, or contain high levels of volatiles and/or are hygroscopic.

Davis-Standard / Merritt Melt Fed Extruders

The perfect choice for pumping and pelletizing molten plastics from a batch mixer or continuous compounding line.

Davis-Standard / Merritt Polycycle® System

Integrated-component plastics recycling system with the ultimate in plug-n-play flexibility – will take anything you can throw at it.

Davis-Standard Reprocessing Extruders

No single plastics recycling process fits neatly into a pre-packaged system. At ADG Solutions, we should know.

We designed and manufactured the original Merritt-Davis Ram Stuffer and the balance of Merritt’s plastic extrusion recycling technology, now proudly a part of Davis-Standard.

In recycling operations: It’s all about system design flexibility. A Davis-Standard extruder can be easily modified with new components as your process changes. Think about it – your needs today have evolved from what they were five years ago. Five years from now they will be different from today.

Which Davis-Standard extruder is right for you? ADG Solutions works with you to anticipate and design for your needs not only for today, but just as importantly, for the future. We enable your operation and productivity to move forward year after year, smoothly and without limitation. That goes for your Davis-Standard extruder, the sorting and size reduction equipment, and continuous melt filtration and pelleting operations as well.